Papyrus 27, P27

`Abd ar-Rahman Robert Squires & M S M Saifullah

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First Composed: 10 April 2000

Last Updated: 10 April 2000


Papyrus 27 (Add. 7211), P27


3rd Century CE.


Oxyrhynchus, Egypt.


About 11.2 cm. x 4.4 cm. There is one column and 27 lines per page.

It contain fragments of the leaves from a codex.


It contains Romans 8:12-22, 24-27 (verso), 33-9:3, 5-9 (recto).

Textual Character

The Alands call the text of P27 as "strict." It shows a general agreement with B and other Alexandrian witnesses.


The words are written with slight separation. Accents and breathing are absent. No marks of punctuation except the paragraphus.


University Library, Cambridge, United Kingdom.


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