New Testament Manuscript 0171

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First Composed: 26 May 2000

Last Updated: 26 May 2000




Late 3rd / Early 4th Century CE (c. 300).


Hermopolis Magna, Egypt.


About 5.7 cm. x 9.2 cm. There are two columns and 23 lines per page.

There are two vellum leaves.


It contains parts of Matthew and Luke. The parts of Matthew are 10:17-23, 25-32. The parts of Luke are 22:44-50, 52-56, 61, 63-64.

Textual Character

According to the Alands, 0171 is an early form of the D text and label is "paraphrastic". Metzger thinks that it is an important witness in Egypt to the Western text.


The manuscript was perhaps written by a professional scribe.


Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Florence, Italy (PSI 2.124)


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