Codex Borgianus

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First Composed: 5 April 2000

Last Updated: 5 April 2000


Codex Borgianus (Ta, 029, e 5)


5th Century CE.


Written on vellum, 22.3-24.9 cm. x 18.8-21 cm. There are two column and 27-31 lines per page. The ink is brown.


It has fragments of Luke and John in Greek and Sahidic. The Greek text is on the left-hand page and the Sahidic on the right-hand.

Total number of leaves are 21 of which 8 leaves are in cassetta 18 and 13 in cassetta 7.

The text is Alexandrian.


The words are written continuously without separation. Accents and breathing are absent. It seems that the scribe was a Copt.

Salient Features



Borg. Copto 109 (Cassetta 18) and Borg. Copto T 109 (Cassetta 7) at Bibliotheca Vaticana, Vatican City.


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