Papyrus 103, P103

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First Composed: 4 April 2000

Last Updated: 4 April 2000


Papyrus 103 (P.Oxy. 4403), P103


Late 2nd century / early 3rd century CE.


Oxyrhynchus, Egypt.


About 5.8 cm. x 4 cm. Click here for the image.

This fragment is a tiny piece from the top corner of a leaf, with generous margins of over 1 cm. preserved at the top and more than 1.5 cm. at each side.


Recto, Matthew 13:55-56. Verso, Matthew 14:3-5.

Textual Character



The hand is quite elegent, with noticeable hooks at the top of most of the hastas and occasional serifs elsewhere.

As a whole the hand is very similar to that found in P77 (POxy. 2683). The editors (R. Coles & J. D. Thomas) of this papyri (POxy. 4403) feel that it is safe is consider it coming from a different codex.


Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, United Kingdom.


[1] E. W. Handley et al., The Oxyrhynchus Papyri, LXIV, 1997, 5 ff. (No. 4403).

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