Papyrus 24, P24

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First Composed: 8 April 2000

Last Updated: 8 April 2000


Papyrus 24 (OP 1230), P24


Late 3rd or early 4th Century CE.


Oxyrhynchus, Egypt.


About 4.1 cm. x 7 cm.

It contain fragment of a leaf from a codex.


It contains Revelation 5:5-8 (recto) and Revelation 6:5-8 (verso).

Textual Character

It does not follow any particular manuscript or group of manuscripts rigidly, although the text shows a tendency to agree with that of . Actually, the papyrus departs from A (an excellent witness in Revelation) only three times (all in 5:6).


The fragment is written in a medium-sized sloping informal hand, approximating to cursive. It looks like the work of an untrained scribe.


Andover Newton Theological School, Newton Center, Massachusetts.


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