Papyrus 30, P30

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First Composed: 12 April 2000

Last Updated: 12 April 2000


Papyrus 30 (U. Lib. P. 61), P30


3rd Century CE.


Oxyrhynchus, Egypt.


About 8.8 cm. x 6.2 cm. There is one column and about 10-19 lines per page.

It contain parts of two leaves of a codex.


It contain I Thessalonians 4:12-13,16-17; 5:3, 8-10, 12-18, 25-28; II Thessalonians 1:1-2 (with lacunae).

Textual Character

According to the Alands P30 has a text that is "at least normal" (i.e., somewhere between "normal" and "strict").


The script is large heavy round uncial of the early biblical type. The words are written without separation. Accents, breathings and punctuation marks are absent.


Univ. Bibliotheek, Ghent, Belgium.


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