Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About

Bookmark and Share is particularly interested in the extant material artefacts relating to Islamic origins, encompassing a wide variety of scholarly disciplines. For the benefit of our readers, below is a list containing frequently asked questions posed to us over the years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question 1. Where do you conduct your research?

Answer. University and associated libraries, University of Cambridge; University and associated libraries, University of Edinburgh; with visits to the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London; and the National Library of Scotland. Our research is conducted independently.

Question 2. Why do you focus on the writings of the Christian missionaries?

Answer. Their writings tend to contain the greatest amount of misinformation. Over the last few years our focus has been geared towards more mainstream theories and suggestions. The format, tone and balance of our articles have likewise changed accordingly.

Question 3. Do you have any formal training in Islamic studies?

Answer. The two primary researchers of our articles are university educated in full time employment with young families. Islamic studies and its associated disciplines represent one of their favourite hobbies which they maintain a keen interest in.

Question 4. Have you considered publishing your articles?

Answer. Publishing articles on the internet is quite a different procedure from publishing articles in print. We maintain an interest in the method of distribution and it is something we re-assess from time to time.

Question 5. Why don’t you write more articles? Why don’t you respond to a particular query?

Answer. See answer to Question 3. We currently have several articles awaiting completion penned many years ago; in addition, there are those articles still in the planning stages that have not, as yet, reached the preparation stage. With limited resources and time with which to write articles, researches those topics which they believe will be the most relevant and make a useful contribution to the state of knowledge.

Question 6. Are you affiliated with any Islamic organisations, other institutions or Muslim personalities?

Answer. No.

Question 7. How are you funded?

Answer. pays its own way along with donations from its kind readers.

Question 8. Would you be interested in a debate with a person about a particular topic?

Answer. No.

Question 9. Do you run a blog and/or twitter?

Answer. No.

Question 10. I am studying Islamic studies and researching a particular topic, can you help me with my research?

Answer. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we are unable to offer dedicated assistance.

Question 11. Do you speak with scholars and/or ask their advice?

Answer. We have (and still do) corresponded with a number of leading Muslim and western scholars spanning a wide variety of disciplines many of which are unrelated to Islamic studies. We are thankful for their generous observations, suggestions and corrections (whilst at times passing some observations, suggestions and corrections of our own!) and are grateful at having the opportunity to have done so. Acknowledgements are duly noted in our articles.

Question 12. Do you take correspondence?

Answer.  We can be contacted via email We very much welcome our readers thoughts and ideas irrespective of their beliefs or religious standpoint. Regrettably, we are unable to respond to all those who email us.

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