Issues Concerning Ḥadīth

As far as the Christian missionaries are concerned, nothing is spared that is related with Islam, whether it is the Qur'an or the ḥadīth or anything else. Everything needs to be attacked. This page deals with the refutation of the claims of the Christian missionaries and others about the ḥadīth.

Science Of Ḥadīth

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Ḥadīth & Its Origins

A Brief History Of Ḥadīth Collection And Criticism

This is a lecture given by Dr. Jonathan Brown, a young, eloquent western ḥadīth scholar at University of Washington where he works as an Assistant Professor. In this lecture, he briefly discusses the history of ḥadīth collection, its criticism and the evolution of western ḥadīth scholarship from Goldziher, Schacht, Juynboll to Motzki. A lot of misconceptions about ḥadīth are clarified in this lecture.

Are There Any Early Ḥadīths?

On The Nature Of Ḥadīth Collections Of Imam Bukhari and Muslim

Explosive Increase Of Isnad & Its Implications

On The Transmitters Of Isra'iliyyat (Judeo-Christian Material)

Ḥadīth Criticism

Did al-Ḥajjaj Change The Qur'an?

Ḥadīths Inserted Posthumously In The Sahih Of Al-Bukhari?

On The "Versions" Of Malik's Muwatta'


PERF No. 731: The Earliest Manuscript Of Malik's Muwatta' Dated To His Own Time

PERF No. 665: The Earliest Extant Manuscript Of The Sirah Of Prophet Muhammad By Ibn Hisham

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