Arab-Sassanian Fals From Veh-az-Āmid-Kavād (Arrajān), 82 AH / 701-702 CE

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First Composed:10th March 2013

Last Modified: 4th April 2013

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Assalamu ʿalaykum wa rahamatullahi wa barakatuhu:


Transcription of the coin

Arab-Sassanian fals from 82 AH.


82 AH / 701-702 CE.[1,2]


Obverse field: Sassanian bust, bearded and moustached. A double diadem and a merlon crown surmounted by two wings and a crescent with star. In the field to the left on two lines in Middle Persian GDH / ’pzwt', "May xvarrah increase". To the right on two lines in Middle Persian plḥwyh / pylwcyḥ, "Benediction, victory". Obverse margin: Naṣr Allāh al-ḥaqq ("May God give victory to the truth").

Reverse field: Typical Arab-Sassanian fire-altar with attendants. Left hand side date ‘82’ and to the right is the mint name ‘WYHC’, i.e., Veh-az-Āmid-Kavād =(Arrajān).


Weight = 2.21 gms.


Private collection. There is one additional specimen of this type that is also held in a private collection.

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