Arab-Latin Coinage - Indiction XI, Gold Solidus From Spain, 94 AH / 712-713 CE

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First Composed: 8th February 2015

Last Modified: 28th February 2015

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Assalamu ʿalaykum wa rahamatullahi wa barakatuhu:

Arab-Latin gold solidus from Spain, 94 AH / 712-713 CE.


94 AH / 712-713 CE.


Obverse field: Eight pointed star in the middle. Obverse margin: INNDNINIDSNSDSSLSIN {= "IN Nomine DomiNI Non DeuS NiSi DeuS SoLuS cuI Non (socius)"} ("In the name of the Lord. There is no god but God alone who has no partners").

Reverse field: INDCXI {= "INDictione XI"}. Reverse margin: HDFRTINSPNANNXCIII {= "Hic soliDus FeRiTus IN SPaNia ANNo XCIIII"} ("This solidus was made in Spain in the year 94").


Weight = 3.18 gm. These coins were modelled in size and design after the Arab-Byzantine coinage. However, their inscriptions were in Latin. A large star in the centre of the obverse field distinguished the Spanish coins from the ones minted in Africa. Notice half shahadah in Latin in the obverse margin.


Private collection.

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