Arab-Latin Coinage - Tremissis, 85-95 AH / 704-715 CE

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First Composed: 27th February 2015

Last Modified: 28th February 2015

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Assalamu ʿalaykum wa rahamatullahi wa barakatuhu:

Arab-Latin Tremissis, 85-95 AH / 704-715 CE.


85-95 AH / 704-715 CE.


Obverse field: RTERCIN. Obverse margin: DSETER... {= "DeuS ETER[nus Deus magnus Deus]"} ("God is eternal. [God is great. God is]").

Reverse field: Cippus topped with 'T' on two steps. Reverse margin: [INNDNI]MISRCVSDNS {= "[IN Nomine DomNI] MISeRiCordis UnuS Deus Non Socius"} ("In the name of the Lord. One God with no partners").


Weight = 1.38 gm. A tremissis is a gold coin which is the third part of a solidus.

The obverse field RTERCIN is a retrograde field legend of a variation of inscription NICRETR, i.e., "omNIum CREaToR", i.e., "Creator of All".


Private collection.

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