An Inscription From Cnide Asking For Forgiveness, 98 AH / 716-717 CE

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First Composed: 5th April 2014

Last Modified: 2nd May 2014

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Assalamu ʿalaykum wa rahamatullahi wa barakatuhu:




Figure (a) original inscription, (b) its transcription and (c) its contents.


98 AH / 716-717 CE.


194 cm x 88 cm.


Kufic script.


The translation of the inscription is:

  1. O God! Forgive ʿAbd al-
  1. That God accepts your action, Khaṭṭāb
  2. b. Ḥagar. Also al-ʿAmmī
  3. then al-Ṣakhrī! I wrote
  4. that text. The expedition...
  5. in the year eight and
  6. ninety.


This marble plaque has two graffiti. Graffito 1 consists only of one line and has an incomplete invocation. The most interesting element is the mention of the word gazwa (expedition, raid) found in a very similar context in a graffito in Kos (Greece).


Cnide or Knidos (Turkey).

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