An Inscription Asking For Forgiveness, 74 AH / 693 CE

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First Composed: 22nd August 2015

Last Modified: 11th September 2015

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Assalamu ʿalaykum wa rahamatullahi wa barakatuhu:




Figure: (a) Original inscription, (b) its trace, and (c) transcription.


74 AH / 693 CE.




Ḥijāzī script.


The translation of the inscription is given below. The Arabic part is in italics:

  1. O God! For you is all praise. God, forgive ʿUmar b. Ṭarīf
  2. b. al-Ḥarth and Anas b. Salama al-Munabbahī and his two children (or ‘and his two parents’)
  3. and his companions and Magharra (Sa'ara) b. Sʿad. Amen!
  4. And it was written in Dhul-Qʿadah of the year four and seventy.


This unique inscription has a supplication for forgiveness of a person, his friends, his two children (or parents, given the reading of scriptio defectiva). It lies on top of the rock face with the inscription from 82 AH mentioning the Ḥajj inscribed at the bottom.


Near Hāʾil, Saudi Arabia.

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