An Inscription Mentioning Supplication For Intercession Of Prophet Muḥammad, 80 AH / 699-700 CE

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First Composed: 28th May 2018

Last Modified: 30th May 2018

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Assalamu ʿalaykum wa rahamatullahi wa barakatuhu:



Figure (a) photo of original inscription, and (b) its transcription.


80 AH / 699-700 CE.

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The translation of the inscription is given below:

  1. O Lord, bless Muḥammad, the Prophet, and accept his intercession on behalf of his community,
  2. and show us mercy through him in the Hereafter just as You have shown us mercy through him in this world.
  3. Written by Bakr ibn Abī Bakrah al-Aslamī at the end of year eighty.


The interesting part of this inscription is the mention of intercession (shafāʿatahu) of Prophet on behalf of his community (ummah) on the Day of Judgment. The earliest mention of these two words of great import comes from the inscriptions at the Dome of the Rock and the copper plaque inscription therein.


Hisma Plateau, Tabūk region, N. W. Saudi Arabia.

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[1] Image taken from Al-Sahra.

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