A Pre-Islamic Nabateo-Arabic Inscription From South Ḥima (North Of Najrān) Dated 470 CE

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First Composed: 13th November 2017

Last Modified: 13th November 2017

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Assalamu ʿalaykum wa rahamatullahi wa barakatuhu:



Figure (a) photo of original inscription, and (b) its trace.


364 / 470 CE.

Accession Number

Ḥimà-Sud PalAr 1.


64 cm x 56 cm.


Nabateo-Arabic script.


The translation of the inscription is given below:

  1. Thawbān (son of) Mālik.
  2. in the month of burak
  3. of the year 364.


Notice the presence of cross above the inscription. It confirms the presence of Christianity in this region during the pre-Islamic era.

The date is equivalent to 470 CE, i.e., 364 plus 105, the Bosra era (adjusted to the month).


South Ḥima, north of Najrān, Saudi Arabia.

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