Arabic Graffito From Muthallath (Near Yanbu’), 23 AH / 643-4 CE

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First Composed: 27th November 2007

Last Modified: 16th July 2022

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Assalamu ʿalaykum wa rahamatullahi wa barakatuhu:



Figure: (a) Photo of the inscription. (b) Outline of the inscription.


23 AH / 643-4 CE.

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The translation of the inscription is:

  1. Salmah wrote
  2. in three and twenty (i.e., 23)


This inscription written in an old ḥijāzī script is interesting as it leaves out tantalizing detail of what it indicates. Kawatoko apparently considers the number "23" to mean 23 AH.[1] Hoyland, on the other hand, mentions the inscription without commenting on the number "23" or its date.[2] Imbert, like Kawatoko, considers the number "23" to mean 23 AH.[3]


Muthallath, near Yanbu’, Saudi Arabia.

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