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20th December 1999

The article On The Transmitters Of Isra'iliyyat (Judeo-Christian Material) clarifies some of the misunderstanding associated with the transmitters of Judeo-Christian material.

A brief overview of the conditions for the acceptance of the Judeo-Christian material in Islam by the hadith scholars is also given.

13th December 1999

An update in the article On Claims, Contradictions, Context & Internal Relationships. The new addition outlines another principle of the Qur'anic exegesis that deals with interpreting the unqualified statements in the Qur'an in the light of qualified ones.

8th December 1999

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6th December 1999

Will Jesus burn in Hell? The refutation of this (6) internal contradiction includes an interesting grammatical opening.

A note of exegesis is also added in the tafsir section.

1st December 1999

The Indonesian mirror of Islamic Awareness has moved.

23rd November 1999

The article Is The Qur'an's Story Of Solomon & Sheba From The Jewish Targum? is now expanded. Added are 5 new sections, including the refutation of Christian missionary writings.

22nd November 1999

A substantially expanded version of Conversion To Christianity: A Missionary Deception, showing the deceptive tactics used by the missionaries to convert not only the Muslims but also other people around the globe, notably the tribes.

19th November 1999

The Explosive Increase Of Isnad & Its Implications can be considered as an appendix to the document that deals with the nature of hadith collection of Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim.

In this document, we show an example of a hadith which has a multiple chain of transmission and discuss some of its implications on the thesis of Joseph Schacht.

17th November 1999

The commentary of the opening Surah of the Qur'an runs into a few 100 pages. The article Contrapuntal Harmony In The Thought, Mood And Structure Of Surah Fatihah, Mustansir Mir, Renaissance, 1999, Volume 9, No. 11, April Issue, summarizes some of the literary aspects of Surah Fatihah. Above all it shows that the Surah itself is a unity.

11th November 1999

Arthur Jeffery also holds the dubious distinction of calling Prophet Muhammad(P) a robber chief, second only to Professor David Margoliouth. As one can see that the ranks of orientalists and missionaries often overlapped in the past. And bearing false witness is a hallmark of the 'true' Christian indeed!

The material is added in the introduction to The Qur'an, Jeffery & Missionaries: What Does Jeffery Actually Say?

10th November 1999

We are glad to announce that Islamic Awareness now has a permanent domain name, alhamdulillah. This site will be the main site and packed with features such as search facility and easy access of the material. If you do not find anything just do a search.

We inaugurate the new site with The Qur'anic Story Of Joseph: Plot, Themes, And Characters, Mustansir Mir, The Muslim World, 1986, Volume LXXVI, No. 1, pp. 1-15. This is placed in the section dealing with the Qur'anic Studies.

This article deals with the literary aspects of the story of Joseph in the Qur'an, along with the structure of the story as well as the themes associated with it. Please do not copy this article as it is protected under the copyright law.

24th October 1999

We begin with a new section on the Qur'anic Studies which would deal with the recent research carried out in that field. The content will be primarily the interesting papers published in peer-reviewed journals. Some material is also the excerpts from books. The aim of bringing such material on the web is to disseminate interesting information which otherwise would end up getting stacked in the libraries, unread. We start with Some Logical Fallacies Dealt With In The Qur'an, Mustansir Mir, Renaissance, 1995, April Issue.

Alhamdulillah, we are also happy to inform the readers that Professor Neal Robinson of University of Wales (ex-University of Leeds) has become a Muslim. He had confirmed it himself at a recent conference on Qur'anic Studies at School of Oriental and African Studies, London, UK.

16th October 1999

Who was saved: the Pharaoh or Pharaoh's lifeless body? The refutation of this (5) internal contradiction includes some interesting linguistic openings. Consequently, a link is also added to (5) from the previous refutation of the internal contradiction (2) to clarify the matter.

A note of exegesis is also added in the tafsir section.

13th October 1999

A slight update in the article Is The Qur'an's Story Of Solomon & Sheba From The Jewish Targum? The link to a Christian missionary website is added to show the absurdity of their argument too.

12th October 1999

Is The Qur'an's Story Of Solomon & Sheba From The Jewish Targum? Or is it one of Tisdall's absurdities?

5th October 1999

Addition of the image of the book al-Nashr by Ibn al-Jazri (d. 833 AH) in Reply To Mr. Samuel Green's "The Seven Readings of the Qur'an" as well as in the section Books On Mutawatir Readings (new addition) in "Versions Of The Qur'an?". This basically shows that Muslims had a long tradition of the study as well use of various Qira'at in the recitation of the Qur'an contrary to the implicit claim of the missionaries that Muslims are 'scared' of textual criticism of the Qur'an and are 'afraid' to publish books on Qira'at.

The article "Versions Of The Qur'an?" is also revised.

4th October 1999

The claim of the Christian missionary is that Imam Bukhari collected over 600,000 ahadith, but kept only 7397 as true. Did Imam Bukhari really say that? This is discussed in the article On The Nature Of Hadith Collections Of Imam Bukhari and Muslim.

2nd October 1999

Addition of important notes concerning the Islamic belief in angels and jinn from The Reliance Of The Traveller, a manual of Islamic Law. Also added is a brief critique of missionary's use of al-Tabari's Tarikh.

25th September 1999

A short note added from the book Ibn Taymeeyah's Essays On The Jinn in the rebuttal of so-called internal contradiction dealing with Iblis.

20th September 1999

On Claims, Contradictions, Context & Internal Relationships discusses the detailed methodology of how the Qur'an is understood using the Qur'an itself. This is an introduction to the refutation of the so-called internal contradictions in the Qur'an.

This methodology is utilised to refute ( 1, 2, 3, 4) the internal contradictions as claimed by the Christian missionaries. More rebuttals would be posted in the due course of time, insha'allah.

14th September 1999

How authentic is the source of Ghevond (or Levond) reporting Leo's description of al-Hajjaj destroying the Qur'an to replace it with his own version? Wansbrough says that Levond never reported Leo's description of al-Hajjaj destroying the Qur'an! In other words, it can be dismissed as a later day Christian polemicist's forgery . This is included in the update of the page concerning Christian polemics concerning al-Hajjaj.

Minor revisions are also carried out in the complementary page dealing with role of al-Hajjaj as described in Kitab al-Masahif.

So, the whole issue surrounding al-Hajjaj has been refuted, alhamdulillah.

10th September 1999

The Christian missionaries have tried to 'refute' the hadith from Sunan ad-Daarimi. Is that a really a refutation?

9th September 1999

The dead discussions such as those involving the hypothesis that the pre-Islamic poetry is a post-Islamic forgery are resurrected by the Christian missionaries to doubt the Qur'anic exegesis. The source of this hypothesis is either Taha Husayn or David Margoliouth. So, we decided to refute the matter altogether in On Pre-Islamic Poetry & The Qur'an.

1st September 1999

The so-called "Satanic verses" have been a constant source of inspiration for the Christian missionaries to attack and malign Islam. This time they have made some pretty high claims. So, we examine them in "Those Are The High Flying Claims".

24th August 1999

The claim of the Christian missionaries is that 'Aziz' in the story of Joseph(P) is different from the character called Potiphar in the Bible. Further they assert that 'Aziz' was not an Egyptian name.

What does the Qur'an actually say? Does it say 'Aziz' or something else? This is discussed in the article Al-‘Aziz & Potiphar.

17th August 1999

It has been alleged by the Christian missionaries that the story of Dhul-Qarnayn in the Qur'an is borrowed from Alexander stories in the Syriac Pseudo-Callisthenes.

Orientalists like Arent Wensinck have claimed that the story of al-Khidr is based on the Syriac Pseudo-Callisthenes.

The question is now of dating as well asproper reading of the sources. We combine some of the unreported information with the modern research to show that the Qur'an is independent of the Syriac Pseudo-Callisthenes in the article On The Judeo-Christian Sources Of al-Khidr & Dhul-Qarnayn.

12th August 1999

More revisions in Reply To Mr. Samuel Green's "The Seven Readings of the Qur'an" (And more to come, insha'allah!). The revision includes addition of a new section Are Qira'at Due To The Lack Of Vowel & Diacritical Points In The Early Qur'ans? as well as minor changes to split the article under various sub-headings.

Well, as far as the position that the Qira'at Due To The Lack Of Vowel & Diacritical Points In The Early Qur'an is concerned, it is possible only when there is a conspiracy on an astronomical scale!

11th August 1999

A decently revised version of Reply To Mr. Samuel Green's "The Seven Readings of the Qur'an" (And more to come, inshallah!). The revision includes proof of availability of the books on the Qira'at of the Qur'an as well as a third century manuscript depicting various Qira'at. The section on variant readings in the Bible is also revised to show that using Samuel Green's own argument the Bible is not even worth considering a scripture due to enormous amount of uncertainity of the origin of variant readings.

10th August 1999

It is of utmost importance for Muslims to understand the basics of the science of Hadith. An Introduction To The Science Of Hadith, by Suhaib Hasan is an excellent book which provides fundamental knowledge about the science of Hadith stressing on its classification and briefly mentioning study of the transmitters of Hadith. It is to be remembered that the information contained in this book is like a drop in the ocean of the science of Hadith.

This article is taken from USC Muslim Students Association Islamic Server.

1st August 1999

Excerpts from the book An Introduction To The Principles Of Tafseer by Shaykh ul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah that deals with the correct way of performing the tafsir of the Qur'an starting from the tafsir of the Qur'an by the Qur'an itself.

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