Refutation Of Christian Polemics

That Christians were the source of some of the worst lies and distortions about Islam should come as no surprise, since Islam was its main "competitor" on the stage of World Religions. Far from honouring the commandment not to bear false witness against one's neighbour, Christians distortions and outright lies about Islam and Prophet Muhammad were widespread. Starting from John of Damascus to the modern day Robert Morey, very little has been changed as far as the content is concerned.

This page will deal with some of the Christian missionary propaganda and polemics of the past and present in dealing with Muslims.

The Qur'an

"Those Are The High Flying Claims" (Refutation of the Christian missionary writings on the so-called "Satanic verses")

On Pre-Islamic Poetry & The Qur'an (Refutation of the theories of Taha Husayn and David Margoliouth that the pre-Islamic poetry is a post-Islamic invention)


Reply To Robert Morey's Moon-God Allah Myth: A Look At The Archaeological Evidence

According to the Christian missionaries, archaeology proves that Allah was a pagan Arab Moon-god from pre-Islamic times. This ridiculous piece of Christian propaganda is conclusively refuted by examining the archaeological records from the Arabian Peninsula, paying special attention to key archaeological excavations along with the numismatic and epigraphic evidence.

The Word Allah In The Arabic Bible (Refutation of some Christians who say that they believe in a different God )


Muhammad & Lies (Centuries old lies about Islam and Muhammad)

The Young Marriage of 'Aishah (Refutation of Muhammad being a child-molester)

Legacy Of Islam

Rebuilding The Past: Western science owes much to Islam’s golden age - a debt that is often forgotten. To help redress the balance, Fuat Sezgin has reconstructed a host of scientific treasures using ancient Arabic texts. Alison Abbott reports in the top scientific journal Nature.

The Arab Roots of European Medicine, David W. Tschanz, Saudi Aramco World, May/June 1997, Volume 48, Number 3. The title is self-explanatory!

Features Of Christianity

Conversion To Christianity: A Missionary Deception (Classic & well-documented fact of how missionaries dupe Muslims to make them accept Christianity)

The Stealth Crusade, Mother Jones, May/June 2002 (Christian missionaries are being trained to go undercover in the Muslim world and win converts for Jesus by hook or by crook)

Outsourcing Religion, On A Wing And A Prayer, Asia Times Online, 1st May 2004 (Christianity has already outsourced the forgiveness; now it is the turn of prayer)

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