The Qur'an and Modern Science

In this section we will deal with the issue of Qur'an, authentic hadith and modern science. The Qur'an has attracted a lot of attention because some of its verses discuss scientific facts that were discovered only recently.

Shaykh `Abd al-Majid al-Zindani did an excellent job by inviting leading scientists from all over the world and asking them about scientific facts present in the Qur'an and authentic hadith. The information about their meeting is compiled by `Abdullah Rehali. This is available at "This Is The Truth". We list the contents of this below under "This Is The Truth".

It is quite obvious that the Christian missionaries became a bit too upset about the scientific facts in the Qur'an and authentic hadith and started to attack them. We will also include the rebuttals to their arguments in the due course of time, insha'allah.

'This Is The Truth'

Islam And Science

Stages Of The Creation Of Man (A)

Stages Of The Creation Of Man (B)

The Embryonic Phases

Qur'anic Description Of The Internal And External Appearance Of The Fetus

Appearance Of Diseases Due To Spreading Of Lewdness

On The Sensory Characteristic Of The Skin

The Qur'an On The Cerebrum

Some Qur'anic Verses About Geology And The Origin Of The Earth

Geological Information In The Qur'an


Facts About The Seas And Oceans

Deep Seas And Oceans

Marine Phenomena Between Scientific Discoveries And The Qur'anic Verses

Facts From Astronomy

Some Qur'anic Verse And Astronomical Discoveries

The Qur'an On Clouds

Concluding Remarks

Comments by Scientists regarding the Qur'an

This Is The Truth!

Refutation Of Christian Missionary Writings

Embryology and Related Issues

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