P. Michaélidès No. 32 - A Qur'anic Manuscript On Papyrus From 1st Century Hijra

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First Composed: 30th August 2000

Last Modified: 30th August 2000

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Assalamu ʿalaykum wa rahamatullahi wa barakatuhu:



Folios from the manuscript (a) recto and (b) verso.


1st century hijra.


14.8 cm. x 5.9 cm. Brown, fine papyrus.


Recto (left hand side): Sūrah 54:11-38, 20 lines.

Verso (right hand side): Sūrahs 54:45-55, 55:1-32; 18 lines.



In the end of line 4, at the end of the verse 50, a verse division mark is visible. Sūrah 54 is divided from 55 by two parallel horizontal lines running over the full width of the page, and filled in with an undulating line with pearls in the compartment.


Collection George Michaélidès, Cairo (Egypt).

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