A Qur'anic Manuscript From 1st / 2nd Century Hijra: Part Of Surah al-Isra'

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First Composed: 11 April 2000

Last Updated: 11 April 2000


1st / 2nd century hijra.


16 cm. x 33 cm.


Surah al-Isra'. Verses number : From 20 to 22 and part of 23.


Mashq. It has horizontal elongation at an expense of general height, resulting in the closer spacing of lines.

The script is Mashq without letter pointing but contains diacritics. It is clear that the copyist put in place of the tanwin two dotes under the letter. He used a ten verses indicator formed of a simple geometrical unit surrounded by simple floral/foliar ornaments. He also wrote the number of the verses in a simple ornamented frame on the side of the page.


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