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The Bible translations in various languages can be seen at the Bible Gateway. Since only the 'canonical' books are listed here, there is a need to know the 'non-canonical' books, many of which, once upon a time in Church History enjoyed canonicity. This, of course, is reflected in the number of books 'received' by various Churches such as Catholic, Protestant, Ethiopic and Syrian.

Bruce Metzger in The Canon Of The New Testament concludes after studying the Apostolic Fathers that:

For early Jewish Christians the Bible consisted of the Old Testament and some Jewish apocryphal literature. Along with this written authority went traditions, chiefly oral, of sayings attributed to Jesus. On the other hand, authors who belonged to the 'Hellenistic Wing' of the Church refer more frequently to writings that later came to be included in the New Testament. At the same time, however, they very rarely regarded such documents as 'Scripture'. [pp. 72]

Hence this makes the study of evolution of the Canon of the Bible, as we have today, all the more important. This study also needs to be coupled with the testimony of Church Fathers and historians concerning the Canon of the Bible.

Below are listed various 'apocryphal' books (depends upon the Church, strictly speaking!) and the works of various early Christians.

  1. First Esdras
  2. Fourth Ezra
  3. Tobit
  4. Judith
  5. Additions to Esther 
  6. The Wisdom of Solomon 
  7. Sirach 
  8. Baruch 
  9. Letter of Jeremiah
  10. Prayer of Azariah
  11. Daniel and Susanna
  12. Bel and the Dragon
  13. The Prayer of Manasseh
  14. First Maccabees
  15. Second Maccabees
  16. Third Maccabees
  17. Fourth Maccabees
  18. Psalm 151 
  1. The Book of Jubilees
  2. The Books of Adam and Eve
  3. Life of Adam and Eve-Slavonic Version 
  4. A Fragment of the Apocalypse of Moses 
  5. The Martyrdom of Isaiah 
  6. First Enoch 
  7. The Letter of Aristeas 
  8. The Apocalypse of Adam 
  9. The Revelation of Esdras 
  10. The Second Treatise of the Great Seth 
  11. The Testament of Abraham 

    PSEUDO.ZIP -- A .ZIP file containing most of the documents 

  1. The Infancy Gospel of Thomas: Greek Text A
  2. The Infancy Gospel of Thomas: Greek Text B
  3. The Infancy Gospel of Thomas: Latin Text
  4. A c.5th Century Compilation of the Thomas Texts
  5. An Arabic Infancy Gospel
  6. The Gospel of James
  7. The Gospel of the Nativity of Mary
  8. The Gospel of Mary of Bethany
  9. The Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew
  10. The Gospel of Nicodemos (The Acts of Pilate)
  11. The Gospel of Bartholomew
  12. The Gospel of Peter
  13. The Gospel of Thomas
  14. The Gospel of Philip
  15. The Gospel of the Lord-by Marcion
  16. The Secret Gospel of Mark

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  1. The Acts of Andrew
  2. The Acts and Martyrdom of Andrew
  3. The Acts of Andrew and Matthew
  4. The Acts of Barnabas
  5. Martyrdom of Bartholomew
  6. The Acts of John
  7. The Mystery of the Cross-Excerpt from the Acts of John
  8. The Acts of John the Theologian
  9. The History of Joseph the Carpenter
  10. The Book of John Concerning the Death of Mary
  11. The Passing of Mary
  12. The Acts and Martyrdom of Matthew
  13. The Martyrdom of Matthew
  14. The Acts of Paul
  15. The Acts of Paul and Thecla
  16. The Acts of Peter
  17. The Acts of Peter and Andrew
  18. The Acts of Peter and Paul
  19. The Acts of Peter and the Twelve Apostles
  20. The Acts of Philip
  21. The Report of Pontius Pilate to Tiberius
  22. The Giving Up of Pontius Pilate
  23. The Death of Pilate
  24. The Acts of Thaddaeus
  25. The Acts of Thomas
  26. The Book of Thomas the Contender
  27. The Consummation of Thomas ACTS.ZIP -- A .ZIP file containing all these documents

  1. The Apocalypse of Adam
  2. The Revelation of Esdras
  3. The First Apocalypse of James
  4. The Second Apocalypse of James
  5. The Revelation of John the Theologian
  6. The Revelation of Moses
  7. The Apocalypse of Paul
  8. Fragments-The Apocalypse of Paul
  9. The Revelation of Paul
  10. The Apocalypse of Peter
  11. The Vision of Paul
  12. The Revelation of Peter
  13. Fragments-The Apocalypse of Peter
  14. The Apocalypse of Sedrach
  15. The Revelation of Stephen
  16. The Apocalypse of Thomas
  17. The Apocalypse of the Virgin APOCLYPS.ZIP -- A .ZIP file containing most of these documents
  1. The Teachings of Addeus the Apostle 
  2. The Epistle of the Apostles 
  3. Community Rule
  4. The Apocryphon of James
  5. The Correspondence of Jesus and Abgar 
  6. The Sophia of Jesus Christ 
  7. John the Evangelist 
  8. The Apocryphon of John 
  9. The Narrative of Joseph of Arimathaea 
  10. The Epistle to the Laodiceans 
  11. The Correspondence of Paul and Seneca 
  12. The Prayer of the Apostle Paul 
  13. The Letter of Peter to Philip 
  14. The Letter of Pontius Pilate to the Roman Emperor 
  15. The Report of Pilate to Caesar 
  16. The Report of Pilate to Tiberius 
  17. Excerpts from Pistis Sophia 
  18. The Avenging of the Saviour 
  19. The Three Steles of Seth 
  20. The Book of Thomas the Contender 
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