An Introduction To The Science Of Hadith

Suhaib Hasan, al-Qur'an Society, London

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Some commonly-quoted ahadith [Be sure to look at the appendix below! -Ed. note]

Section A

  1. Introduction

  2. A brief history of Mustalah al-Hadith

  3. Mustalah al-Hadith (the Classification of Hadith)

  4. Rijal al-Hadith (the study of the reporters of Hadith)

Section B

The Classification Of Hadith

  1. According to the reference to a particular authority

  2. According to the links in the isnad

  3. According to the number of reporters in each stage of the isnad

  4. According to the manner in which the hadith is reported

  5. According to the nature of the text and isnad

  6. According to a hidden defect found in the isnad or text of a hadith

  7. According to the reliability and memory of the reporters

Section C

Further branches of Mustalah and Rijal


Verdicts on the ahadith mentioned in the Foreword

Information regarding the original book.

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