A Qur'anic Manuscript From 1st / 2nd Century Hijra: Part Of Surah al-Ma'idah

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First Composed: 31st August 2000

Last Updated: 2nd July 2004


1st / 2nd century hijra.

Manuscript Number



Surah al-Ma'idah. Verses number : Part of verse 94, verses 95 and 96, part of verse 97.



A 7th / 8th century CE. A Qur'anic manuscript on parchment from the Hijaz. The text is written in the early Kufic script. The ayat (verses) are written continuously without separation or decorative devices (compare it with a manuscript from 2nd century hijra).


Beit al-Qur'an, Manama, Bahrain. More information about Beit al-Qur'an and other museums in Bahrain is also available.


We would like to thank Hussain A. al-Ramadan/Saudi Aramco World/PADIA for providing us the manuscript at Beit al-Qur'an.

Islamic Awareness would like to express its appreciation to Beit al-Qur'an for providing us with the information regarding this Qur'anic manuscript.

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[1] Published in Beit al-Qur'an, 1996, Beit al-Qur'an: Manama (Bahrain).

[2] Ni‘mah Isma‘il Nawwab, "Beit al-Qur'an", Aramco World, Volume 51, May/June 2000, pp. 24-30.

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